Terms of Service Secondary Text

During your usage of this website some personal information may be collected, such as convert images and email addresses.

Our website is automated and purges any temporary files, including converted images within 2 days.

You can optionally send converted images as an email attachment. We do log all instances of every email sent from our site for the sole purpose of monitoring for abuse. Once you convert an image, you are able to email the converted photo, we record all such activity to prevent abuse. The only time we send email to any person is as the result of an enquiry via our contact form.

We do collect statistical information about the options chosen to convert pictures. This information is collated and used by us to improve the tools we provide for your use.

If you contact us using our contact form making a comment about our website or services, we may at our sole discretion publish any such comments. We will always remove any personal identifing information before publishing any comment.

Above all, we respect your privacy and never pass on any personal or identifiable information to any 3rd Party.